Family Protraits and a Movie Review
  • Family portraits are so much fun (for me at least) this year I want to do something different! As soon as I saw these portraits from the movie “The Joneses”, I knew I HAD to have them! (I will keep you posted on the outcome!)

    The Joneses is about a “Fake” families that are put across the US to flash what they got so we will buy it. The idea is is simple, the movie is funny, sad, tragic, compassionate and definitely entertaining.

    The moral is a clear “is it worth it”?

    Hope you enjoy – how do you create you envision on all things wonderful in your life? We wanna hear it!?

    Till our next inspiration…

    August 25th, 2010 | Rochelle | 3 Comments | Tags: , , , , ,

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  • Bran 08.25.2010

    Do you have a screen shot of the family portrait they had in the movie?

  • No but you can google ‘The Joneses’ and it will come up…I liked the photo booth photos on canvas – but the family portrait is also nice.

  • Rochelle, this post makes me want to see this movie. What a great marketing concept.
    Of course you know who wil be your photographer when you are ready to do those family
    portraits like those created in the movie. : )

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